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Stay Competitive, Get Ahead

This one-day manufacturing summit provides attendees an in-depth, street-level view for growing their business. Educational sessions will address ways to increase their competitive advantage in the new face of manufacturing and today’s economically challenging times.

  • Gain a better understanding of additive manufacturing
  • Understand how companies have eliminated their process setting problems, improved traceability, and reduced scrap
  • Discover the advantages of vacuum heat treating
  • Learn the benefits of high-pressure coolant and identify the why, when, and how to apply high-pressure coolant
  • Hear how many of today's global manufacturers are employing more automation & manufacturing "intelligence" 
  • Automation is not just for high-volume automotive parts. Learn how one company optimized their machining facility and achieved more than 300% increase in productivity while lowering both labor and overhead costs
  • How Manufacturers in Northeast Ohio Are Utilizing Innovation and Local Resources to Experience Growth
  • Discuss the factors that contribute to productivity: machine tool used, setup and stability, cutting process, cutting parameters, influence of using the right tool and bottlenecks
  • Compare the United States’ manufacturing cost to China’s and understand that we need to use modern technology in machining to compete
  • Learn more about The Association for Manufacturing Technology’s Manufacturing Mandate and how AMT continues to urge Congress and the Administration to implement policies consistent with it to help rebuild and strength this country’s manufacturing sector.

Located at the Cleveland Convention Center 300 Lakeside Ave Cleveland, OH 44114